Smalle armbånd

Flexible, lette og helt unikke smalle armbånd håndlavet personligt til dig i forskellige farver og designs.
Få et enestående smykkedesign til din garderobe, som fremhæver din unikke og personlige stil.
Materiale og udseende minder om læder, men er formet i et meget stærkere og lettere genanvendt materiale,
som er fuldt ud allergenfri, bæredygtig og vegansk.

Designet og håndlavet af Weinreich-design på eget værksted.
Armbånd Smalle Guld Mix

Armbånd Smalle Guld Mix

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Bracelets Narrow Gold Mix
The narrow, flexible and feather-light multicolor bracelets are truly unique. Each color part is cut to size and fused together piece by piece. After several processes, it is rounded and cooled. The bracelets are flexible, lightweight and handmade personally for you in different colors and designs.
Size in circumference (flexible):
Small: 17-21 cm
Medium: 19-24 cm
The actual width of the bracelet surface is 1.2 cm.
The material and appearance is similar to leather, but is made from a much stronger and lighter recycled material that is fully allergen-free, sustainable and vegan. Add a unique jewelry design to your wardrobe that highlights your unique and personal style.

Designed and handmade by Weinreich-design in their own workshop in Aalborg, Denmark.

    Where can I buy your jewelry physically?

      You can currently find a selection of the jewelry in the following places:

      Are the materials hypoallergenic, nickel-free?

      • All materials are specifically allergen-free.

      The jewelry is all made of patented, 100% allergen-free material and the metal parts are made of surgical steel, some gold-plated in 18 carat gold.
      I generally only use surgical steel in the metal parts, as gold and silver give off a little nickel.
      Therefore, I recommend that you stick to surgical steel when buying jewelry, especially if you are allergy-sensitive, but also to avoid allergy problems later on.

      All metal parts are sourced from Danish retailers and follow EU guidelines.

      Can I pay with Mobile-Pay / credit card etc.

      • Yes, you can

      Once you have added the products to your cart, you first fill in the information we need to send the product to you. Next, you will be given the option to choose whether you want to pay by Mobile-Pay or credit card.

      We only use the information you enter to send the product to you and notify you of the shipment and any follow-up on the purchase. You can ask us to delete your information at any time.

      Where is the jewelry produced?

      • At my personal workshop in Denmark (Aalborg)

      How are you sustainable?

      • The material we work with is 100% recyclable.
        All scraps are recycled and I also buy scraps that would otherwise have been thrown away.
      • I offer customers 50% off a new set of earrings or a bracelet if they return the previously purchased item (circular economy) within 1 year.
      • I do not use materials such as mined crystal stones or materials from productions with poor conditions.
      • The material is vegan.

      Do you have a customer club with discounts?

      • Yes, I do
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