Jewellery Exhibitions

On the exhibitions you can experience alle the unique one-of-a-kind jewelry that can not be seen online or in the webshop. Here you can find a unique, handmade jewelry gift for your self or someone special or order a personal jewelry design. All jewelry is handmade by me at my personal workshop in Aalborg.

Previously exhibitions (Censored or by invite):

Aalborg i Farver (Aalborg in Color) 

Nørhalne viser Kunst, Art exhibition

Handicrafts Exhibition with KVIV

Fussingø Castle, Handicrafts Exhibition

Pink Saturday in Aalborg (support against breat cancer)

Trapholt Museums Pentecost market

Trapholt Museums Christmas market 

Aalborg Monastery Christmas exhibition 

NEU art og design exhibition, Nordkraft, Aalborg 

Saltum Wool and Handicrafts Exhibition

Tranum Strandgård Art and Culture Center

Bratskov Manor Easter Exhibition + Christmas Market

Ulstrup Library og Jammerbugt Libraries

Vrensted Arts and Crafts exhibition

And more..