Delivery & Return

  1. Scope of delivery

Under these conditions, the buyer acquires the item (s) described on the front of this invoice or in the order confirmation, if the item was purchased online.

  1. Documentation and guidance

The delivery may be accompanied by product descriptions and user instructions, to the extent that this may have been prepared. Should the buyer also request further advice from Weinreich-design, this is of an indicative nature only, with due regard to applicable Danish legislation for any liability associated with this.

  1. Delivery time and transport

Weinreich-design does not consider an item to be delivered until you have received it undamaged at your residence or at the post office. Shipping of goods is done with GLS. Delivery time is 1-5 days from the time of purchase. All items will be shipped as soon as possible.

Any stated delivery time is indicative and can thus be deviated from. Buyer is entitled to terminate the agreement on delivery of the item (s) in question at any time before delivery has taken place.

  1. The risk to the goods

The risk for the ordered goods is transferred to the buyer upon receipt of the package or upon collection at the time of delivery.

  1. Duty to complain about defective or incorrect delivery

If the delivery is not in accordance with the sent invoice / receipt per. mail, the buyer must advertise within a reasonable time. Otherwise, the right to object to defective or incorrect delivery is forfeited.

  1. Duty to make a complaint in the event of errors and omissions

In order to claim that goods suffer from defects or deficiencies, the buyer must report the defect or defect to Weinreich design within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered. The buyer must state and on request show what the defect or defect consists of. Weinreich-design is only responsible for defects that are pointed out within two years from the time of delivery.

In connection with a complaint, defects up to 6 months after delivery are presumed to have been present at the time of delivery, unless Weinreich design can prove otherwise, and if there are no other circumstances that indicate that the customer has damaged the item or in any other way. even been to blame for the mistake.

  1. Weinreich-design's liability for defects

Weinreich-design`s liability for defects follows the rules of the Purchase Act. In this connection, it must be specified in particular that if the item is defective, the buyer can demand redress, replacement, cancellation of the purchase (if the defect is significant) or an appropriate reduction in the price. However, if the buyer chooses to demand cancellation of the purchase or a reduction in the price, Weinreich-design may refuse this and instead offer redress or exchange.

If the buyer terminates the agreement as a result of delay or significant defects in the delivered goods, he is entitled to claim compensation for his loss in accordance with the general rules of Danish law, cf. 8.

  1. Limitation of liability

Weinreich-design assumes responsibility in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time, but does not assume responsibility to a greater extent than what follows from the law.

  1. Product liability

Weinreich-design is responsible for product liability in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time, but does not assume liability to a greater extent than what follows from the law.

  1. Price and payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the goods are paid for via MobilePay and Visa / Mastercard. The shipping price is DKK 40.

  1. Right of withdrawal

If the buyer is a consumer, he may, in accordance with the law on certain consumer contracts, cancel the agreement. This presupposes that the buyer notifies Weinreich-design no later than 14 days after the day on which the buyer has received the order, and that the buyer returns the received to Weinreich-design in the same unused condition / unbroken packaging and in the same quantity as on receipt . Buyer can cancel a purchase by returning an item in person to us or by sending it by post or other carrier to us. Special items made especially for you are not covered by the Return Act of the Purchase Act. Costs in connection with the return of goods are paid by the buyer.

Return address is: Weinreich-design, Weinreich, Denmark. The cost of return is borne by the buyer.

  1. Registration of information

When items are ordered on the website, the information provided by the buyer is recorded. This information is used as follows:

Standard information (information required)

Address information:

Used for shipping purposes in connection with ordering goods.

Phone number / email:

Used to contact the buyer in connection with processing orders, as well as for shipping goods through GLS Denmark.

Card information:

Used to complete payment transactions